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Driving Question: 

How can students understand number theory including rational and irrational numbers using comics?

Grade 7
Students were introduced to number theory by showing them a video. The students needed to learn new vocabulary and the concepts of irrational and rational numbers. After the students were showed the video about the "weird" numbers, they were then challenged to write a sequel to the movie but in the form of a comic strip. Students were tasked to create individual comics that included the new vocabulary and expressed why the number they were given, were weird" compared to other numbers. Each comic displayed a different set of the math vocabulary and which rational numbers show up during their stories. The comic was 6-12 panels long, the students had to choose some vocabulary that was needed to incorporate and the type of numbers could show up to the video. Students were allowed to draw their comics by hand or could design it digitally. They used a storyboard template to help guide them through the process.The total project lasted 2 days and they worked in class to complete the project. 
Student Reflection

"I really enjoyed the project, it was fun. It was unlike other math projects.  We were able to draw and create comics. I remember the vocabulary because we were allowed to be creative." Victoria

"It was great because we were able to draw. We were allowed freedom which was great because we could use humor in our comics." Ashley and Elijah 

Student Products
  • Comics that were created individually had to be in color 

  • Comic were shared with peers

Teacher Reflection

"Next time I would do more preparatory work and have a way to incorporate vocabulary earlier in the process.  The time we gave the students was fairly short and this made it difficult. We realized that students needed to type rather than write the text for the comic if it was going to be clearly readable by others. The building of the story was challenging, perhaps next time we would try to partner with the Language Arts teacher. We found that students were spending time making the comic funny but not including enough content, so we needed to create a structure to help ensure we get what we are looking for. We also need to do some more support on the academic vocabulary and the acquisition of this knowledge. We would definitely do it again, combining something creative in math is difficult to incorporate standards and worth the time to build capacity in our students." Ginger Habel and Jen Naughton


Ginger Habel

Jen Naughton