Driving Question: 

How can ratios and proportions apply to a real life situation like making salsa?

Grade 6

Students work in team to figure out how to make the ideal salsa using their knowledge of units and ratios and proportions. They had to select what to put in their salsa and experiment with receipts to find the appropriate amounts of ingredients to include and identify the different ratios and proportions for each of the recipes. Students did multiple taste tests to ensure a proper salsa recipe and kept track of the changes they made.

Student Products
  • Test salsa recipes using ratios and proportions
  • Work in teams to create the ideal salsa recipe
Teacher Reflection

“Students were able to see the basic changes that occur when you change the ratio. I like that their feedback wasn’t necessarily a number, but what they tasted. They could actually taste a difference. It was a lot of fun, it was different from the normal routine. They had a chance to cut and measure. It was a great application to understand how it was used.” - Josh Sadek

"All kids love kinesthetic experience in math and science and doing an activity like this really engaged them in work. Every kid was involved and engaged. If was successful. It was the activity that engaged all kids.” - Michael Saich


Josh Sadek

Michael Saich