Driving Question: 

How can we use infographics to educate teens on important issues?

Grade 8

Students select a relevant topic of their choice, from video games to procrastination, and then research for information that would be important to their peers and other teens. They draft initial design ideas on a poster to receive feedback from their peers and teacher. Students then select a technology tool of their choice to create a high quality infographic. The infographics are shared at the school. 

This project originally appeared on the Scholastic Choices Blog

Student Reflection

It was a lot of fun, but it might be nice to have more variety like videos and posters. We had a good amount of time so we weren’t rush, and we had time to revise it and make it better. - Audrey

Student Products

Research information on a teen issue

Draft a poster of initial design

Create an infographic to share with other teens

Teacher Reflection

"Infographics are an increasingly popular way to spread health information to the masses. They take data and present it in an eye-catching way that's easy to follow. After analyzing infographics with my health classes for a couple of years, I was able to find an easy to use programs that could help them create their own. It seemed like a perfect fit for our technology unit, where the kids were looking at the opportunities and challenges that tech use presents to our health. After doing the project for a few years now, we've made some adjustments, and we've found different programs for kids to use based on their skill level with tech. It's been great! Not only have they shown they grasp the health information but they've got a new skill they can use in other classes as well." - Amy Lauren Smith


Amy Lauren Smith

Leah Hefte