Driving Question: 

What are some of the healthy ways to deal with stress?

Grade 6

Students learn what stress is and how it affects the body through various resources such as videos, short readings, and teacher instruction. They research various stress coping techniques and reflect on on their own lives and how stress affects them and what they can do personally to support themselves. Students then create a “Stress-Buster” video for other students sharing important information about stress and their favorite was to cope with it. 

This project originally appeared on the Scholastic Choices Blog

Student Reflection

“Making the video is the hardest part. You get nervous and mess up and you laugh. Positioning is always hard to do with the tools we had.” - Andrew

“We didn’t have a long time and limited facilities to use. Timing was also hard to get cameras and other tools.” - Sean

“I liked recording because you get to be creative, play a game or share another idea.” - Andrew

“Editing is the hardest part because one part might be bad and you have to do it over or fix it again. 44 seconds of video took me a long time to edit.”  - Elvis

Student Products
  • Research the physiological and psychology signs of stress. 
  • Choose stress-coping techniques to share.
  • Create a Stress-busting video for others. 
Teacher Reflection

“We give them direction, but a lot of voice and choice. They get to use humor and decide on how they want to design the video. They are always on Youtube and now they create a video about themselves. They love it. That’s why the project works. While their technology skills were varied, they teach themselves, teach or go online. They problem solve. ” - Leah Hefte


Amy Lauren Smith

Leah Hefte