Driving Question: 

How do you make the world a better place and make money at the same time?

Science, Social Studies
Grade 8

Students first explored a variety of issues where man has impacted the environment in detrimental ways. They are then challenged to create a product to monitor or minimize human impact on the environment and make the world a better place while still making money.  Every student pitched their own ideas and then the class voted to identify the top ideas. Teams were formed based skills and interests anonymously. In the teams, they had to take on business roles from operations to marketing. They designed prototypes, marketing components, and the financial plans. Finally, students pitched their ideas to a team of investors composed of adults and experts and responded to their probing questions.

Student Reflection

“My favorite part was learning about how much to pay workers and different amounts in different countries. I was eye-opening but depressing. The hardest part is the paperwork, and scrolling through endless information about our topic.” - Paula

“My favorite part was working on the marketing. It helped to unlock my creativity. I learned lots of ways to persuade people to believe in our product, and see how it can help.” - Dennis

“The hardest part of the project was the finances. You have to research a lot of real-life things, and it’s very expensive. I like that we are actually doing something real, and making a difference.” - Leticia

"It was stressful because I feel we didn't prepare enough. It was so broad that we struggled to get a focus." - Max

Student Products
  • Individually develop an idea and pitch to the class
  • Vote to create the top ideas and teams.
  • Complete a comprehensive business plan
  • Pitch the idea orally to a team of investors


Matt Zeman

Brad Evans

Nola Heckman

Ruby Hundley