Driving Question: 

How can you demonstrate a theme of A Raisin in the Sun through an artistic interpretation of the set using light, space, and movement?

Art, Language Arts
Grade 10

Students designed a set for “A Raisin in the Sun” using light, space and movement in their Language Arts and Art/ Design class. Students read and investigated the text, and looked for an important theme. They worked in teams to draw on that theme and create an appropriate set for the show. They also drew inspiration from an artist who shared that similar theme and embedded that style into their design. Students were assigned roles from the project including art design, tech designer, props designer and lighting designer. Finally students presented their design and wrote an essay defending their ideas and design rationale.

Student Reflection

“The set design project was very interesting as especially in the first year we didn't give our ideas physical shape. Incorporating ideas into the set was difficult given the scale, and we always had to consider audience perspective and also the practicality of any given idea in terms of implementation. We had to use a lot of problem solving to make sure that things worked and were at a degree of reliability where we didn't have to hold everything together at all times. I felt that using a particular scene to translate to the entire play was very helpful, and having an artist as inspiration seemed at first to be a hindrance but eventually was quite helpful in getting our message across.” - Austin

Student Products
  • Design a set for “Raisin in the Sun” drawing inspiration for an artist that shares a similar theme to the text
  • Present final product and write an essay defending ideas and rationale. 
Teacher Reflection

“For our ‘Raisin in the Sun’ set design project, students were challenged to demonstrate a theme of the play through an artistic interpretation of the set using light, space, and movement. In addition, they selected and researched a 20th century or contemporary African American artist. Drawing upon their body of work, the students imagined how their selected artist would integrate their own styles and approaches to the design. Powered and controlled by arduinos, the students used LED lights and motors to show how meaning can be created in the set using design, light and movement.” - David Gran


David Gran

Tiffany Kelley