Driving Question: 

What interactions with Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf can expand kindergartners' understanding of shadow puppets in Asian culture and experiences with Western Classical music?

Drama, Language Arts, Music
As part of their exploration of Chinese culture through the Arts, students were introduced to different styles of Shadow Puppetry from China and other parts of Asia. They experimented with different forms of shadow puppets and decided to use black paper on white foreground. When deciding what play to perform, we made the connection to their study of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. They had been exploring musical instruments, movement to music, and the representation of animals by different instruments. Continuing with our focus on integrated projects, Visual Arts and Music collaborated toward an "Informance" (informal performance) to share students' learning with parents. This "Informance" consisted of puppetry, storytelling, and singing.
Student Products
  • Create individual shadow puppets.
  • Design scenery with other students.
  • Memorize and recite narration of the story.
  • Perform songs from Peter and the Wolf.
  • Create character and move to music.
  • Create instrument character to demonstrate an understanding of timbre. 
Teacher Reflection

Students demonstrated enthusiasm in the connection across their Art and Music classes. Parent feedback was positive. The students showed pride in their authentic performance for their parents, classroom teachers, and the opportunity to demonstrate high-level learning.


Alicia Lewis

Lisa Ferguson

Laura Earley