Driving Question: 

How can we build mind-body connection integrating Chinese cultural movements?

Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

6 and 8th graders learned through 5-6 lessons from an outside instruction in Kung Fu techniques to prepare a demonstration for the school's Chinese New Year Celebration. 7th graders worked in groups to move and synchronized movements to tell a story about Chinese New Year through dragon dancing. All students performed in front of an audience either their peers or worked with younger elementary age children demonstrating and modeling their learning when the students visited the middle school. The dragon dance team was able to design their own routine to perform.  

Student Reflection

"Now I now that performing the dragon dance is harder than I thought." - Agnes 

"I demonstrated collaboration to make our dragon look good together." - Daniel 

"I was the head of the dragon so I had to be the leader. " Abby 

Student Products
  • Students created and performed Dragon Dances
  • Kung Ju demonstrations
  • Offered classes and demonstrations to younger elementary school children
  • Learned Chinese names for movements
Teacher Reflection

"I think it was a great cultural experience for kids to see what traditional Kung Fu or Dragon dancing was like. It was a challenge keeping kids motivated"- Brandon Preston

"I liked that the students were relating to an authentic understanding of their body and the movements. Whether they were showing other students either teaching Kung Fu or the dragon dance. The experience with the elementary students where they demonstrated and taught them the skills was a good lesson. It was different to have everyone having a different activity, this activity might have pushed us the most as teachers and the students in thinking differently" -Tifani Sadek

"I think if we were to do this again, I would want the students to have more of a background of the Dragon Dance and Kung Fu, spending more time in that area, to taking away from physical activity either." - Alice Harwood

"One of the challenges was keeping students motivated and having an understanding of why they are doing what they are doing.   Another challenge was being on the same page with the guest instructors for this project." - Rodrigo DeMarco


Brandon Preston

Tifani Sadek

Alice Harwood

Rodrigo DeMarco