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Driving Question: 

How do we design an effective mouse trap?

Grade 3

Students investigate forces and motions concepts from science by creating mouse traps that used magnets, weight, and friction. Students collaborated in teams to create the designs. Students ideated and conducted multiple tests, including one where areal mouse was used. Students created an individual iMovie in which they explained their whole design process from start to finish. The iMovie also included videos of the tests and their reflections.

Student Reflection

“We have to make sure the cheese is the right type of cheese, and also make it easier for the mouse to get up. Little cardboard strips as we did is not good for a big mouse. What we could have done is made a ramp with supports. Looking back right now, we should have done that. We should have also put more nails in the cardboard for support so it’s not so easy to bend. “ - Logan

Student Products
  • Create a mouse trap using magnets, weight, and friction.
  • Create and iMovie to shared design process and reflection of learning. 
Teacher Reflection

“This project integrated many curricular areas.  They had to use their knowledge learned in science on forces to design their traps.  Then they had to use writing skills to explain their designs.  For the iMovie students had to write a script to go along with the photos they took during the project to explain what materials they used and how their design would work.  For testing, we used a real live mouse and students immediately reflected on what they could change to make their designs even better.  If we do this project again, I would like to have more time for the students to actually go back to revise their designs and test again.” - Kathy Lawn


Kathy Lawn