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Driving Question: 

Who are we in our classroom and where do we come from?

Grade 7, Grade 8
Students created a digital poster using photographs of their family.  Students wrote paragraphs for various family members and pictures captions. One paragraph was written about themselves and one for each of the three family members. Family members including pets, grandparents extended family. Students shared their work with their class to get to know each other as well as demonstrate their Spanish skills. 
Student Reflection

"What I liked about the project was looking through old photos and speaking to family members because it's not something I normally do. " Zach

"We don't usually get to show our class what we are working on over a long period of time and I liked that." Johnny

"We had to write about people we actually knew and the work applied to our life rather that something fictional like a worksheet." Stephanie

Student Products

Informal sharing with classmates on large paper.

Teacher monitored the paragraph writing.

Students shared together as a class and listened to one another as they presented in Spanish their posters. 

Teacher Reflection

"I like to show them examples of what good Spanish writing looks like. Students need to learn how to do technology for the project sometimes I discovered that they don't know what to do. It becomes a big organizational piece. I want to enhance this project and make it more interactive in the future. I think overall the students have been pretty proud of their work knowing all students have done it." - Polly Vella


Polly Vella