Driving Question: 

How can we use French cooking to apply the new words as we learn them?

Grade 8

Students learned the vocabulary for the steps in the process of making mousse and then put the steps in order. They selected a recipe and used their knowledge of French language to make mousse. The teacher gave the steps orally and the students had to take notes and arrange the steps with their team. They also experienced a variety of French cooking techniques.  

Student Reflection
"We made mousse au chocolate. It's really delicious and the experience helped me understand some French terms as well as reading "les reccettes." - Student
Student Products
Students made traditional French recipes prepared in class while using French language skills.
Teacher Reflection

"The students really did an amazing level of independent work and were interested in the end goal, eating the food. They spent time looking at the words, ingredients and working together. Next time I need to remind them to come back to try their wonderful food they created, the "sweet taste of success." - Michelle Murray


Michelle Murray