Driving Question: 

As artists, how can we transform an animal we love into a fantastical creature of our imagination?

Grade 6

Students were challenged to create a fantastical ink and watercolor drawing of an animal of their choice. Students picked an animal and do a contour line drawing, drew different animals upside down to isolate the right brain, and used lines to represent form. They then used their skills they had learned such as drawing in sections, using grids and more to represent the animal again as they see it. Students then chose how they wanted to work toward their final product. They could choose to zentangle using original designs, morph the animal into a beast using reference images or do a collage. Students did three different iterations, reflected in their journal and conferenced with peers and teacher to make choices for their final product. They then transferred to watercolor paper and used ink and watercolor and/ or collage techniques. 

Student Products
  • Pick an animal and do a contour line drawing, and also draw different animals upside to isolate the right brain.
  • Simplify through abstraction and use lines to represent form.
  • Create representation drawing
  • Choose final product option and create 3 iterations
  • Reflect in journal and conference with teachers and peers
  • Transfer to watercolor paper and use ink and watercolor and/ or collage techniques for final draft
Teacher Reflection

"Students need a lot more time than I thought. Some students are perfectionists and so they want every try to be perfect. They may not be confident in their ability, so we instilled the 3 before me strategy. That also helps them become better at peer critique. They also need help being creative thinkers and push passed the initial idea. They need help developing their ideas further. Students are really into their choices and the overall process. They don't like the hesitation of testing things out, but once they do they understand they could have made real mistakes. They see the value of testing after the fact." - Juanita McGarrigle 


Ann Hefte

Juanita McGarrigle