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Driving Question: 

How can I use form and function to create a mask for a performance?

Grade 8

Students worked collaboratively on designing a mask to be used in a performance. The initial concept and design was collaboratively designed, and through peer review and individual study of research students crafted initial designs. Students then created a sculpter to create two individual neoprene masks from the moulding process. Each student individually created their design concept and presented the final full face character mask to the Drama department for them to use in a performance. Students also wrote an artist's abstract to accompany the mask and partake in peer review and the reflective process.

Student Reflection

"When I was first introduced to this project, I was extremely nervous.... However, the project outline was very straightforward and organized, which helped me out a lot...I would now be comfortable teaching them how to do it because I feel confident that I know how to... This experience has increased my knowledge on how art can be used as a career, and showed me how important of a role art and make up was in our 21st century movies and shows.” - Fang, eighth grader

Student Products
  • Design and develop a mask for a performance.
  • Write an artist's abstract to accompany the mask.
  • Present in a gallery walk to the larger school community, which included students dressing appropriately to engage and present their work.
Teacher Reflection

"The success and quality of the project was well noted by students through their dedication and engagement in the process. They knew that they were learning something unique, where they were eager to learn more and they made real connections to the world around them. Overall, the decision to include the modifications and structure of the PBL in this unit have brought an otherwise normal unit to a much higher level of understanding and appreciation by all involved, perhaps even a Gold standard level." - Juanita McGarrigle


Juanita McGarrigle