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Driving Question: 

How can I use my passions to improve my language skills?

Grade 8

Students selected a topic of passion and generate research questions to explore. They read a variety of materials, summarized the learning and synthesized into in a final webpage that documented their learning and the journey. They also presented their learning to the class and responded to questions from their peers. Finally, the class worked together to see how their passions might help out a local migrant school and planned visits to share their passions and skills with the students.

Student Reflection

“I was really excited about this project because we chose a topic that we are really passionate about and I chose to help the disabled people in Shanghai…The project made me understand how many people need help in Shanghai. “ - Charlotte

“One of the challenges I had to face during this project was creating a lesson in mandarin. However, I was really proud about the progress I made throughout the months, such as researching and achieving goals each week, step by step.” - Leo

Student Products
  • Research a topic of interest with self-generated questions
  • Design a website to share learning and passions with others
  • Determine action steps to help a local migrant school
Teacher Reflection

“As students made plans for “doing something” with what they learned it became apparent that many of their projects seemed to cross paths, so in a very organic way, one big giant project emerged.  The students are going to work with a local migrant school for the children of factory workers…The power and autonomy that this project has brought to the students is manifesting itself in other academic areas.  Students are speaking up in class, taking on leadership roles in group work, and consequently their language is improving.” - Debbie Taylor


Debbie Taylor