Driving Question: 

To what extent do we live in a ‘war universe’, where all things are based on competition: ‘war and games’?

Art, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Grade 10

Students learned about the topics of scarcity and carrying capacity, aggression, and war, natural selection, as well as peace and stability. Each team developed their own focused question to integrate what they learned with the investigation into war, games, and competition. Students researched, created a board game using materials in the Maker-space and a Pecha Kucha style presentation to parents on a Family Game Night where they all played the games. Students also created TED-talks on their learning in response to the driving questions.

Student Reflection

"It is very interesting how we got the opportunity to use different types of machines in the makerspace and create unique pieces for our game." -Mia and Julia

“Only in Innovation can you seamlessly pack social experimentation, sociology, and philosophy into one board game.” - Sammy

“The game project gave me an opportunity to explore the makerspace and showcase my creativity beyond just abstract ideas. Being able to create a physical manifestation of our groups main idea was a great experience." – Austin

"The game project allowed us to express our ideas in a way we’ve never had before. Through the development of our board games, we condensed complex themes down to a game that was accessible to everyone."  – Ashley, Evian, Haley, Marianne 

"The game project captured our explosion of creativity and encapsulated it together into a comprehensive physical manifestation." - Luca

Student Products
  • Research important topics from various course content areas
  • Develop and present a game for a game night
  • Create a TED-talk to answer driving question
Teacher Reflection

I was incredibly impressed with the persistence students showed in learning how to use our new maker space in order to create incredible board games. Students were proud of their games and were excited to share their work during Family Game Night. After all of the hard work and challenges that students faced along the way, showcasing their work to a wider audience was a wonderful way to stop and appreciate what students accomplished. - Amy Foley

When we created this project last year the students were able to come up with sophisticated concepts using simple materials.  This year, however, the maker space allowed the students to come up with professional looking games that matched their concepts in terms of their complexity.  The games reflected complex interdisciplinary ideas that drew on the content and skills they developed in each of their institute classes. - David Gran

This project proved to be a great learning experience because the students found meaningful expression at every stage of the project. They exhibited impressive thinking and reflection skills as they worked through challenging readings by complex writers. They were then able to synthesize those ideas into highly sophisticated final projects, that were impressive both conceptually and aesthetically. For two months, our students were fully engaged in a highly complex task. - Tom Musk


Tiffany Kelley

Tom Musk

David Gran

Amy Foley