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Driving Question: 

What's the best choice for our Bonding Day?

Grade 7, Grade 8

Students plan one-day trip plan for next year Grade 8 students Bonding Day.  Students explored Shanghai from different aspects and got to know more about the past, present and future of Shanghai. They visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, took a bus tour for city sightseeing and tried different Shanghai food in Yu Garden. When students finished their exploration in Shanghai, they acted as a travel agency and created presentations and posters to provide an overview of Shanghai, present their plans and gave suggestions to future students on what to do for their Bonding Day. 

Student Products
  • Participate in a variety of local Shanghai experiences
  • Create posters and presentations for students as they plan their Bonding Day. 
Teacher Reflection

"The learning was real. When students knew they would publish their products to their audience, their learning attitude became more serious and more motivated. They learned lots of things by themselves. Teamwork made everybody learn from each other and they learned fast. That was kind of surprise to me. I didn't need to tell them “this word means ...” or “the sentence structure should be...”. They learned so many words and sentences that I never taught them. They asked, “Ms. Sheng, how do you say...” I realized that was the moment students really want to know. Sometimes before I told them the answer, their group members would tell them “It’s ..... I’ve told you.” or “No, it not right, it should be...”. I just smiled. I think those words are more powerful than my ticks and crosses. I found PBL makes my teaching become totally student-centered.  A teacher can have more time and more chance to go to help “beginning students” or “approaching students”. I would like to keep making learning real, keep giving students time to study and keep being a guide or learning support instead of only being a teacher." - Jacqueline Sheng


Jacqueline Sheng