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Driving Question: 

How can we help make our local family restaurants welcoming to all?

Art, Chinese
Grade 7

Students worked on not only their graphics arts skills, but also their Chinese language skills to develop menus and marketing materials for local restaurants near the school. They partnered with individual restaurants and learned about the food offered and the message they wanted to send through their food. Students then designed bilingual menus for the restaurants and went through multiple edits with feedback from the clients they were serving. They culminated the experience with a food festival to share their work and the foods of the restaurants. Finally at the end. they reflected about the whole project experience. 

Student Reflection

“Kelvin and his family (restaurant owners) are the hearth of our community. His family gives us something we could never get from a corporation. Having time to build a relationship with him and learn from his was so special.” - Eddy

Student Products
  • Create bilingual menus and marketing materials in partnership with a local restaurant.
  • Celebrate the work and learning with a food festival
  • Write a reflection about the project experience
Teacher Reflection

“I learned that the key to creating a truly bilingual tool is constant two-way communication to clarify meaning. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words and sampling the food is worth a million. Cultural understanding will endure far beyond the project for all. I will continue to seek authentic problems that align directly with students skills and techniques. When this occurs, the project is organic and unveils itself in a way that allows the students and clients to drive the work while I foster it with the art and communication skills as a bridge.” - Ann Hefte


Ann Hefte