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Driving Question: 

Are Energy Bars Really Healthy?

Grade 8

Students analyze food packaging health claims by making a trip to the grocery store. Small groups were formed to research energy bar recipes and then come up with their own to create and make in the kitchen. After round one the kitchen of making their energy bars/bites, students made revisions necessary to help make their energy bars tasty, grab and go snacks that would be appealing to the middle school and high school population. They created and marketed their own healthy bars, complete with product boxes and a commercial.

This project originally appeared on the Scholastic Choices Blog

Student Products
  • Research the reality of energy and health bars.
  • Create a new and healthier energy bar or bite.
  • Create an marketing campaign and commercial.
Teacher Reflection

"From this project, I learned by giving students various ways to learn, create and present information learned throughout a project, each individual student, is able to shine in one way or another in their small group. I will make sure on future projects I do this to help accommodate for all student learning styles and allow for students strengths to come to the surface!

I loved how we included various forms of learning (video, field trip, speaking, cooking, photoshop, and video creation) in the project to allow for students to show off their different strengths in different areas and parts of the project.

I also learned that I need to take a step back once in awhile and let the kids 'fail' to learn what they need to do to succeed. For instance, creating an energy bar/bite without a binding ingredient was something I needed some groups to figure out on their own, and even though I desperately wanted to say something. But...I stood back, let the finish product fall apart, then making them have to question, 'why did this happen?' and think, 'How can we revise our recipe to make it work?'” - Leah Hefte


Amy Smith

Leah Hefte