Driving Question: 

How can we create healthy dietary guidelines that will appeal to all stakeholders?

Grade 7

Students research about dietary guidelines in different countries and compare and contrast as a class. They use what they have learned to identify their favorite guidelines that we should use in the cafeteria and school. They break into teams to research more on their specific guideline and decided on a specific message they want to communicate to an audience. Students write a student-friendly explanation and then create an advertisement video using their message and creative ideas. They then translate their ideas into Chinese and present it to the cafeteria officials and other elementary students. 

This project originally appeared on the Scholastic Choices Blog

Student Reflection

“ One challenge was that my partner was gone and I have to film by myself. Time to edit and film was limited to. I liked that we got to be creative and choose a topic.” - Stanley

“We got to be independent. I like that because we get choices and get to be creative.” - Justin

Student Products
  • Write kid-friendly explanation on important dietary guideline
  • Create an advertisement video that can be shown to chefs and students of the school 
  • Present work to relevant audience.
Teacher Reflection

“Our audience members (an eager group of 2nd grade students) were very receptive, and the positive modeling from the “big kids” caused the little ones to really take note and pay closer attention to the snacks they chose later in the day. As luck would have it, the Sodexo executives came by for a meeting that same week. By preparing our students to advocate for healthy choices to the younger members of our community, they were able to speak up when the more powerful members were around, as well.” - Amy Lauren Smith


Amy Lauren Smith

Leah Hefte