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Driving Question: 

How can I create a tool to help my partner throughout the school day?

Social Studies
Grade 6

Students studied about Early Humans. They examined archeological evidence and made inferences about Early Human culture; economics and trade, beliefs and values, clan organization and power, communication and tools and technology. They recognized how our ancestors used survival skills that led to the development of tools. Making connections to the present, students used a Design Thinking model to invent or adapt a tool to meet the needs of their partners. They used a variety of written and oral communication tools to share their designs and receive feedback for peers.

Student Reflection

“When Ms. Bell first told us that we had to invent and design an invention for our partners and see how our invention can help them, I was like ‘Huh?’ But then I found out that this activity made me feel like a designer and an expert at solving problems…The most challenging part for me was when I had to brainstorm ideas and think of what my prototype should be made out of, and what it should do to help my partner. However, the answer to my question came immediately after we did the feedback protocol with our group. The protocol really helped me because I got to have a chance to listen to other people’s opinions of my invention. At first I had a prototype with a bunch of questions not answered, but class by class, I began to find materials that my prototyped needed and revised it. What I have now is a successful product.” - Student

“I learned that trust is very important. Without trust, how will people believe that you are to build something for them that will help?” - Brycent

"What I liked most about this project was the process of being creative and creating the prototype of our design." - Seher

Student Products
  • Interview partner to determine needs and brainstorm possible design ideas
  • Draw a model of the design to use for a feedback protocol
  • Complete final design and display prototype
  • Write descriptive paragraph of design 


Nancy Bell

Marie Williams