Driving Question: 

Which issue in the election was the most important for you?

Social Studies
Grade 7

Students independently selected and researched a social issue that was important to them and that was currently being discussed during to the US Presidential election. Specifically, they investigated some background information about the topic, looked at different view points of the issue (pro vs con and/or conservative vs democratic) and why it was important for the American voting public to think about when they were casting their ballot. Students were directed to credible databases, from which they created detailed notes. The end product was a 3 minute iMovie that was peer reviewed and revised before the presentation day.

Student Reflection

I was able to see multiple perspectives on the issues. In the past, I would only see two sides, now I see many. - Anders

I liked the fact the we studied the election at the same time it was happening. It was cool to see it on the news while studying the topics. - Sean

Student Products

PSA Videos

Harvard Notes

Teacher Reflection

"I was happy with the engagement and ownership of the issues the students chose. Some of the issues students chose were surprising for the fact that as a teacher I would not have chosen and they were able to explain why they thought it was important." - Kirk Irwin

"The thinking went beyond surface level thinking from the context of the election and candidates to social justice issues. Students have continued to develop their awareness of the issues that emerged during the unit." - Melanie Ryan


Kirk Irwin

Melanie Ryan