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Driving Question: 

How can chemistry cause change in the dining experience?

Grade 7

Students learned principles of chemistry and physics to create a three course meal in small teams. Students learned skills in planning, implementation, giving and receiving feedback as well as content like physical and chemical changes. Students first started but cooking the same item as a classes to observe and learn, and then were given choice in what they wanted to cook.  Students not only created and cooked their menu, but they shared and presented it to faculty members at the school. They had to explain the science content in relation to cooking food and how food is altered in that process.  

Student Reflection

“The hardest part of the project was the cooking. I don’t cook much and am not very good at it. So learning some of the basics and processes of cooking was a challenge for me. However, it was a lot of fun.“- Sebastian

“I cook at home a lot, and I like to cook, so this was a fun project in science. The hardest part was working as a team to create the menu and all of the dishes. Another hard parts was working to get all the dishes out on time in a specific order. It was like Master Chef.” - Aneesh

“One person on our team didn’t show up on the day of the actual cooking and presentation. We had to improvise at the last minute to prepare that dish for the menu.” - Amelia

Student Products
  • Create a three course menu.
  • Cook food to present to faculty members and explain science content in a panel presentation.
Teacher Reflection

“The students were very engaged. It was practical to their lives and the project opened up the opportunity to learning the fundamental principles of chemistry. And students learned real life skills.” - Jon Sherwood


Jon Sherwood