Driving Question: 

How do Chinese people celebrate the Lantern Festival?

Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Students celebrated the Lantern Festival, which is the closure of the Chinese New Year holiday for the Chinese people.  Students discussed the various legends and the dates of the lunar calendar and the traditional food that is served at this festival. Students also viewed different lanterns displayed outdoors in the evening. Students prepared the traditional Chinese food in class from start to finish.  Students celebrated this activity several days before the actual day. Students participated in different activities for each level of Chinese language learner.

Student Reflection

"I enjoyed making Candied fruit in class and eating it!" Rosita

The project for the Chinese Lantern Festival helped me learn about how Chinese people made food and how we can do it ourself. This project was a good way of learning instead of just a worksheet. It was focused on a hands-on experience." Jaiden 

Student Products
  • Made traditional Chinese food 
  • Learn traditions and cultural backgrounds for the Lantern Festival
  • Created recipes 
  • Shared what they learned with other classes
Teacher Reflection

"The students enjoyed the hands-on activity. I think we could have had more enduring questions prepared before we did the activity to help the students better understand Chinese culture and traditions.  

Preparing the food was quite time-consuming, so next year we might do more traditional foods with less preparation. Next year maybe do some background before the activity. Background knowledge about the culture and history to help the students have a foundation.  

Too many people were in one activity and that made it difficult. So, perhaps next year we can have several classrooms to host these activities. Most of the things we would change are around logistics of the activity. 

Maybe be assigned to small groups to do the activities would be better. 

Involving parents would help the preparation time of some of the foods."


Joan Xu

Sindy Shen

Lillian Wu

Gail Li

Ivy Wang