Driving Question: 

Chinese Dishes from Home – A Chinese Cook Book

Grade 7, Grade 8

Each student was asked to choose the ingredient and dish that they have for their family. Based on this they will do research on the cultural background of this ingredient and the story of this in China. They also will research the recipes that are traditionally made with this ingredient and choose one that they make at home.  

Students then made the recipes at home or even in class and share them as a class banquet in class. They introduce their choice, why they chose it and what is the background of this ingredient and recipe. They share about how to make this dish. All of this is done in the Chinese language. They also learned the 8 cuisine system in China. These are the difference of cuisine by region and style. For example Cantonese vs Anhui province.  

Student Products

Students Researched ingredients and recipes 

Prepared dishes 

Shared about their topic and dish 

Shared their personal connect with the dish 

Students wrote down 2 sections 1, introduction of ingredient, their personal connection, the history of ingredients and a recipes.  

Students wrote in both Chinese and English 

They wrote a self –introduction and a reflection of this process 

Final product a class book

Teacher Reflection

The enduring question is something I would have started with if I had a chance to do this again. This would give the students a deeper understanding of their work. Many students were a bit lost at first. Having the enduring understanding or question first would have been helpful to them.  

Also, I was thinking we should open up who the audience was beyond the classroom, perhaps parents, other students help share their learning with a wider audience.  

It really takes a great deal of time to do the editing of the book. My limited knowledge of making books made this challenging. Maybe a professional editor, or train a student to help would be it better. I will be better organized if we do it again.  


Ivy Wang

Lillian Wu

Joan Xu