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Driving Question: 

What are the unique strengths that make me who I am?

Grade 8
Students learn about their top character strengths and find creative ways to share this about themselves. First, students take an online survey to determine their character strengths. They discuss each other's unique combinations of character strengths to bolster their self-esteem. Students then choose a product to share their characters strengths from videos to artwork to podcasts. Students make sure to not only explain the basics of their characters strengths, but also make sure to show they as individuals demonstrate them. Students then present their work to their peers and receive feedback.
Student Reflection

"My favorite was taking the survey, because I like seeing the results at the end and if I agree with them or not. I agreed with mine. My top characteristics were teamwork, bravery, and forgiveness. I love to dance, and by performing something that you love you are being brave. The project wasn't that hard because we got to work on things we like to do." - Bianca

"I designed my own website and coded the entire thing. It was fun you get what you put in and feel really good about yourself after. My character strengths are perseverance, creativity, appreciation for beauty.The photos I took showed appreciation for beauty, and the coding was definitely showed my perseverance. I faced a lot of obstacles, such as putting this design on a smartphone screen. Layout out of the photos was challenging as well." - Ryan

Student Products
  • Take a survey to determine character strengths
  • Create a product to exhibit top character strengths
  • Present character strengths project to the class for feedback
Teacher Reflection

"A big part of the project is the conversations they have. Talking about strengths themselves is key, as they sometimes have trouble talking or identifying their own strengths, but can identify and talk about how others demonstrate a strength…They really start to see how unique and special they are. The more you can focus on helping students with identity, the less you need to focus on preventing dangerous behaviors. " - Amy Lauren Smith

"For homework one night, we have them go home and have a conversation with the parents, and they use those examples in their project...The work allows you to see a different side of the students; taking a strength and identifying it a different sort of way. I had one student who had forgiveness as a strength. Not only could she shared how she demonstrated forgiveness of others but she also said, 'I am able to forgive myself.' I've never had a student say that. Little moments like that are invaluable. - Leah Hefte


Leah Hefte

Amy Smith