Driving Question: 

How can we get our favorite authors to our school? How can we improve ours skills through hosting visiting authors?

Grade 7, Grade 8

ELL/ EAL students invited authors to visit the campus and create a media campaign to encourage people to participate in books talks. Students served as resident experts of the authors by reading their books and research their lives. They collaborated with the librarian to help plan the visits and author talks that occurred. Students also prepared brochures for their visitors and served as campus liaisons and tour guides to make the authors feel welcomed, as well as practice their speaking skills. 

Student Products
  • Write a letter of invitation to an author
  • Create a media campaign for the author’s visit
  • Produce a brochure to help listing authors around town
  • Provide a tour of the campus
Teacher Reflection

“This project helped to make connections with students often times that struggle with language and literature. The connections made with the authors and the desire to read books written by the authors were a great benefit to the students. Working with other teachers was so fun, especially on such a real-world problem. The delight that they and their students had as they had opportunities to be on the “inside” for an author visit was incredible gratifying to me.” - Kathy Lynch

“Student motivation and buy-in was high. Their learning was meaningful and authentic as it directly influenced a shared public product. Because of this, it is a project worth continuing in the future.” - Tara Rogerson Musk

“I am pleased with the authenticity of this project. Students engaged with adults in a very real-capacity. The students grew a little anxious as the week of the visits approached and they realized that this was “for real.” As for the value for English language learning, this project required the students to use all of the language domains,, speaking, listening, reading, writing.” - Debbie Taylor


Kathy Lynch

Tara Musk

Debbie Taylor