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Driving Question: 

What is the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health? What is my plan to turn these healthy behaviors into habits?

Grade 6

Students learn about the components of the "Wellness Wheel" which include physical, social, emotional, and mental health. Students are also introduced to the concept of Blue Zones, demographic of geographic areas where people live measurably longer lives. They listen to a podcast by an expert in Blue Zones and develop questions and fierce wonderings. Students then research and investigate different Blue Zones, and come up with ideas on how to make their lives, lives of peers, lives of family members, and school more like a Blue Zone. Students also set personal Blue Zone goals, and create a podcast in pairs about those goals and Blue Zones overall. ​

Student Reflection

"The most important thing I learned from this project was that doing little things in your life can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. My favorite part was being able to try things that people do in blue zones in their daily lives. Some students in our school aren't that aware of the fact that what you eat or the amount of physical activities you do can really affect your health." - Andrew

"I liked the podcast. You write a script about Blue Zones, and why they live so long. You also talk about your goals on the wellness wheel. The hardest part was making the goals super specific." -  Megan

Student Products
  • Investigate health scenarios related to the Wellness Wheel (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social)
  • Draw a Wellness Wheel and fill in ways to support each part. 
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. Blue Zone Goals
  • Create a Blue Zones Podcast in pairs including interviews of individual student goals. 
Teacher Reflection

"We needed to emphasize themselves in their projects. Having them make a connection between the Blue Zones and their own goals is really something we had to emphasize, so it's not an weird transition" - Leah Hefte

"I would like them to check back in their partner at the end of the semester. Students really enjoyed the project, but often with goal setting projects, it's challenging to check-in." - Amy Lauren Smith


Leah Hefte

Amy Smith