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Driving Question: 

How do designers and engineers develop and make their ideas successful using emerging technology?

Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Students developed and presented a sculptural form that is 3-dimensional configuration developed from 2-dimensional surfaces. Students were given voice and choice in the media they wanted to use, but also use the laser cutter and other tools in the maker space to create they design. They were required to do multiple iterations of ideas in order to learn more about the process, the materials, and how to make a high-quality final product. Students used a portfolio and journal to document their process and write ongoing reflections. Students presented their work as an exhibition at the school with exhibition text to explain their concept, and a verbal presentation of their process and development to an audience. 

Student Reflection
“The net form, especially the two triangular faces other than the face on the middle, was easily torn apart due to extremely short gaps between negative spaces. The gaps need to be lengthened by reducing the size of negative space. Also, a thicker paper needs to be used since this paper is too easily bendable. Furthermore, there needs to be a way to assemble the net form into a triangular pyramid. Double-sided tape could be used in some way to assemble it.  The engraved line had to be folded with the help of flat acrylic panel because the whole paper was too easily bendable. Again, negative space needs to be resized and thicker paper needs to be used. “ - Ye Gon
Student Products
  • Create a 3-dimensional sculpture from 2 dime2-dimensionalces
  • Document process and reflection in a portfolio
  • Present and share work in a gallery.
Teacher Reflection

“Although students got voice and choice in their overall design, there were some directed tasks that required. The voice and choice was that everyone’s learning was different. It would be better if we had shared language around creativity that would help students make connection across classes and grade. What are talking about when we say “aesthetics?” for example. It will help us align expectations, especially when students exit the school. When I do this again next year, I would give them a budget and challenge them to manage that so that they are wasting resources. I could give also them a parameter, to use a transparent material to see how the light falls and creates 2D shapes." - Lucy Atkinson


Lucy Atkinson