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Book It

ELL/ EAL students invited authors to visit the campus and create a media campaign to encourage people to participate in books talks. Students served as resident experts of the authors by reading their books and research their lives.


Teen Infographics

Students select a relevant topic of their choice, from video games to procrastination, and then research for information that would be important to their peers and other teens. They draft initial design ideas on a poster to receive feedback from their peers and teacher.


Political Magazines

Students created a political magazine, which was based on upcoming US Election and political issues surrounding it. The intended audience was incoming 8th graders, so they could easily learn about politics and issues surrounding the US election, as well as candidates’ stances.


Energy Bars

Students analyze food packaging health claims by making a trip to the grocery store. Small groups were formed to research energy bar recipes and then come up with their own to create and make in the kitchen.