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Beanz Meanz Mathz

In order to learn about standard deviation, students were given a variety of beans of different lengths. Sample data sets included the same type of beans of different lengths, as well as a mixture of beans of different lengths.


Teach a 6 Year Old

Students are given a topic about climate systems and are charged with creating an interactive model to use to explain to an audience of 6-year-old students. Students first investigate and research the concepts such as surface currents, deep currents, upwelling, and the global conveyor belt.


Geologic Cupcake

Students learned to apply their knowledge of relative data and other geological concepts using a hands-on cupcake activity. Students also completed a graphic organizer on constructing explanation to help them focus on what they see in the data, and the connections they need to make.


Mi Familia

Students created a digital poster using photographs of their family.  Students wrote paragraphs for various family members and pictures captions. One paragraph was written about themselves and one for each of the three family members.


Wheelchair Ramps

In a hands-on application of the math concept of slope, students use their knowledge of the formula of slop to determine whether or not a ramp in the school meets guidelines set out by the United States on the safety of wheelchair ramps.


Story Corp

Students interviewed a family member to discover an event that has influenced their family. They explored how this event influences them presently, how it has affected their life in the past, and how it might influence their family in the future.