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Mi Familia

Students created a digital poster using photographs of their family.  Students wrote paragraphs for various family members and pictures captions. One paragraph was written about themselves and one for each of the three family members.


Small Moments

In this unit, students learned how to use precise language and sensory detail to tell a "small moment" story. Students explored how to best draw the reader in so that the piece was experienced rather than observed. In essence, slowing the scene down for the reader.


Book It

ELL/ EAL students invited authors to visit the campus and create a media campaign to encourage people to participate in books talks. Students served as resident experts of the authors by reading their books and research their lives.


Food Fest!

Students worked on not only their graphics arts skills, but also their Chinese language skills to develop menus and marketing materials for local restaurants near the school.


Refugee Project

Students worked to address a problem facing Syrian refugees. Students had to identify a problem they were interested as well as a plan that could be practically and sustainably addressed. They also had to investigate supplies and materials to make it happen.