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Solo Contest

The solo contest was the culmination of a unit of individual choice. The students learned how to choose a piece that was of interest and of a level that was right for them. Guest artists came and worked with students individually and as a class.  Everyone played their self-selected


Algebra Carnival

The Algebra Carnival was a cross-campus project where 6th grades were planning to teach algebra concepts to lower elementary students. Teachers shared topics with students and the students in small groups had to design carnival-like activities to teach concepts to their younger peers.


The Blue Zones Project

Students learn about the components of the "Wellness Wheel" which include physical, social, emotional, and mental health. Students are also introduced to the concept of Blue Zones, demographic of geographic areas where people live measurably longer lives.



Building on prior knowledge of monologues, students answered questions about themselves to create a monologue to be performed. The students got know each other better and build upon their acting and drama skills.


Myth Group Presentations

Students began by reading a number of Greek Myths and analyzed common themes. They looked the difference between thematic topics vs thematic statements. The goal was to form a complete statement based on their assessment. of the myth. We used brief text to model how to identify these statements.